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ECU Remap or Chip tuning is a service that involves tweaking. In this service our teams scan the complete electronics of a car. We adjust the parameters to achieve gain in vehicle performance and fuel averages.

Chip tuning

By adjusting the engine control unit in the modern vehicles it is possible to improve power.

ECU Remapping

Remapping service will unlock the full potential of your car's performance components.

Firmware Upgrade

With firmware upgrade a great power add to your car and speed limiting is also possible.

Why Choose Us

The company is considered as best place for Chip Tuning / Remapping / Software Upgrade for your vehicle in Islamabad and Rawalpindi specially when it comes to Hybrid cars.

Professional Team

Our enthusiasm for automobiles drives us to strive for excellence every day and to provide the finest possible service to our customers.

Experience Skills

We try to deliver best solution, our team specializes in this advanced equipment and software upgrades for most makes and models

Tools & equipment

We’ve invested in the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment, tools and software designed particularly for the software in your car.

Trusted Work

Our Tuning & Re-Mapping services are designed to work with or without aftermarket equipment, as well as OEM setups

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